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Masks Face N95 Anti Virus Breathing 5 Layers PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter Insert Protective Filter

Short Description:

  • Multi layered mask for give effective protection against dust, fine particle, pollen and other air-borne parts.
  • Flexible and easy to shape bridge to easily fits on nose with minimum gap.
  • The easy to contour fabric that give close contact with face and cheek.
  • Ear loop that is easy to wear and take our. Very effective and quick to wear and put off.

Product Detail

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Disposable Kn95 Dust Mask Chinese Manufacturer Ce FDA Certified N95 Antivirus Coronavirus Ffp1 / Ffp2 Ffp3 Disposable Mask Face Mask Suitable for Adults


Set of 5 – Dust Mask for Daily Use, Very Effective for Multiple Use Cases

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Industrial EnvironmenSmoke
  • Industrial Job
Product name China Large Stock FDA CE 4ply Reusable N95 KN95 FFP3 FFP2
Material Non-woven fabric, antibacterial meltblown filter
Color White
Standard FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, KN95, N95, N99
Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥95%
Package 1pc/bag, 20 pcs/inner box, 1500 pcs/ctn
Application Personal health protection
Feature Disposable,Breathable, convenient, dust-proof, high tensile strength, co-friendly
Certificate ISO, CE, FDA, SGS, BV
Delivery time 1-3 days
Sample Accepted

Product features and quality management

1) 100% raw materials, high-quality domestic material.Fabrics-Lining, Middle, Outer, Filter & Earband. Nose wire Heavy metal content test: below detection range, PHTHALATES content test: below 0.01, very safe material.

2) Purity test-above KN95. Passed (can filter and isolate acid and alkali, fluorescence, formaldehyde, pigmen.Related standards and test methods for non-pharmaceutical products) from CE and RoHS testings.

3) Management and self-testing of quality management commission contracts with recognized institutions certified by the Food and Drug Safety Agency. A. Continue strict management and safety evaluation. B. Thorough quality management from raw material production to finished product storage and sales channels. C. Immediately discard substandard products and inventory through batch management and logistics system integration.

4) Quadruple structure for comfortable breathing function.

5) Use newly built special workshops, the latest equipment and automatic product packaging to ensure hygienic and stable production.


What is the Chinese standard KN level?

KN means the mask is suitable for filtering non-oily particles. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. Only after the test and certification are obtained, there is a KN95 and other protection level certification report. The representative performance of many test standards are the ratio of filtering dust when inhaling air, and the dust accumulation efficiency. The identification of fine particles reaching more than 90% of shielding is KN90, Identification of fine particles that reach more than 95% of shielding is KN95 KN100 was identified as a fine particle that achieved shielding above 99.97%. KN80 protects the respiratory system from sand and dust storms. KN95 protects respiratory organs from harmful substances such as sand storms, fine particles, viruses, and sources of infection.

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