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Janet Miller announced that after 14 years of service, her dog training and boarding house NW Canine Connections will be closed on October 15.
The Vasson Island Pet Protector Association (VIPP) currently relies on boarding and boarding arrangements to raise dogs on Vashon. It will rent a kennel space from Miller to advance their work on protecting dogs on the island, achieving the founder Barbara · The lasting desire of Barbara Drinkwater.
Miller said in a telephone interview that she believes this arrangement is the best result for both companies.
She said: “I think we are very lucky with the timing of VIPP,” “I just think it can solve the need for working methods. I just feel very lucky in many ways.”
Miller said that in the life of the Northwest Shepherd Dog Association, one day means early morning, sometimes even earlier than 6 in the morning, and takes care of up to 20 dogs at a time.
Since last year, she has been debating the decision to continue managing the 22 kennels of the property on Cemetery Rd, hoping to have more downtime to relax, travel and focus on other benefits. Then there was a coronavirus pandemic.
“When the COVID hits, I can see text on the wall. Everyone is canceling trips,” Miller said, adding that this pandemic means she cannot keep employees working. She said that working seven days a week and looking to the future is not an optimistic period.
“When I made this decision, part of the reason was that as winter approached, I thought of standing alone with the dog in the rain and cold every day… and I didn’t see the end. Coronavirus disease. I am. Just thought, “Oh, that’s a terrible thought. “So I just knew I didn’t want to do this,” she said.
Miller said that when the family traveled abroad again in the post-coronavirus world, she felt sad that the commercial kennel space on and off the island was reduced. But she said she thanked the Vashon islanders for their support over the years.
She said: “I would say that this community has strengthened its support for me from the very first day I started and has been giving me great encouragement over the years.” She added that doing business is not always that way. Easy, and she doesn’t always make everyone happy.
“You can’t meet everyone’s expectations. It just can’t happen. But I will say that I have made friends. I think I am part of a community that I have never participated in before starting my business.”
VIPP President Bob Smueles said that last week the final agreement was signed between NW Canine Connections and VIPP. One of the charms of the former kennel is that a long-awaited island dog shelter can be established almost immediately. Smueles said there is enough indoor space for humans to relax and recognize dogs they can take home.
Smulles said the new shelter will ensure that every dog ​​on Vaschen is cared for and loved.
“When dogs come to VIPP, they are usually traumatized. Others, either the owner has died. Maybe they are not well cared for, maybe they are kicked from one place to another. Sometimes, they are just found as dogs And no one knows who the owner is. We must work hard to help them gain a better foothold.” He said, noting that the new shelter will provide dogs with a chance to recover. “Having a shelter means we have a place that we can use immediately when we find dogs and late at night. We will have a place where we can put them right away… Dogs will receive unprecedented care.”
Smueles said that VIPP is happy to complete the remaining details and continue to reunite with the owner of the missing stray dog ​​or find a new home.
“This means a lot to us. It has never happened. The organization has been operating since 1984. We have never had the opportunity of a real dog care agency like this,” he said.
VIPP’s annual fur ball auction-which accounts for a large part of the VIPP budget-will go live on October 24, with lots of items, services and experience available for bidding. For more information, visit vipp.org.
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Post time: Oct-22-2020