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How To Keep You Pet Dog Hair Down

STEP 1 Groom regularly Brush your dog daily to remove dead hair and stimulate fresh healthy growth. A healthy coat is less likely to lose hair and cumulative dead hair will not build up.

STEP 2 Loosen hair before bath Before bathing, pull off any loose hair and debris with your fingers, rub your dog with a grooming mitt or rubber curry to further loosen dead hair.

STEP 3 Brush before bath Brush your  dog thoroughly before bathing to remove any snarls, loose hair and debris and reduce hair loss during bathing.

STEP 4 Shed before bath Use a tool prior to bathing to remove as much undercoat as possible and loosen and remove hair that could come loose during the bathing process.

STEP 5 Watch for hair during bathing While bathing your dog, watch for any excessive hair loss and scoop out with your fingers before draining the tub.

Post time: Sep-11-2020