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innovative triangle chicken coop

Today I show you our innovative  triangle chicken coop for you.it made of two par :sleeping house and run.the first part is the run,it provide a spacious space for your poultry.it mas made of heavy duty wire mesh,its diameter is 1.2 millimeter ,normally dia is 0.8 mm,so our products are more stronger and durable than others suppliers.the run can keep chicken in and predator out.

There is a door ,the door serve as a ladder,so the poultry can get in and out very conveniently,inside the run ,there are two wooden perches,chickens can stand and sleep on it,the perch are off the earth,so can keep the environment very clean and warm,you can put a feeder inside the run.on the side of the run,we design a door,you see,there is a wooden handle on the door,so you can open it very easy.

Now let me show you the second part .is our living area,we called it sleeping house or coop.it’s triangle shape,very special,from the surface ,you can see,its was made of high quality fir wood ,it treat with high temperature kiln-dried procedure.and we use water based paint ,so it’s water proof and corrosion proof ,non-toxic,and heathy to your poultry .there is a transparent plastic curtain above the door ,its weather resistant ,can protect the coop very well especially in rainy cold days .now let me open the door,you can see that there also have a wooden perch inside the main house,and there are  a solid wood nesting box for egg laying ,and also a door,you can hang the chain on the loop to fix the door,if you release the chain ,the door will be closed.pls Please follow me to the back,there is a ventilation wire mesh window.it’s night shutter,You can slide it left and right.you can watching your poultry without disturbing them .and it can provide fresh air all the time .


Also we there are two 4 inches plastic wheels,we can use the wheel to  move the whole coop very easily.now I will ask our engineer to help us and show us how to remove the coop.tangxiao pls come to here,tks.put your hand on the handle ,then lift it up,to move the coop forward or backward .The whole process was very easy and effortless.


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Post time: Jul-29-2020