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large chicken coop

A large chicken coop located near the house is preferable—especially if you’re going to be collecting eggs daily.

However, check local ordinances because some require a minimum distance between animal housing and habitable structures.

It’s also convenient to have water and electricity available at your large chicken coop model. Chickens drink lots of water and lugging it a long distance gets old fast. Electricity is a nice option since it can power things such as heated waterers, an automatic door-opener and winter “lights-on” for better egg production.

It’s best to locate chicken housing where there is room for an outside run. “For the run size, I like to give at least 10 square feet per chicken, but more is always better,” Wood says.

Also, it’s a good idea to make the large chicken coop a separate structure. I made the mistake of keeping chickens in a barn stall, and they made the entire barn incredibly dusty (plus put their droppings everywhere).

I quickly learned that it’s better to house chickens separately.

The location should also take advantage of available light, breezes and shade to help stabilize temperatures. Consider the sun and how much you want or don’t want the sun to heat your large chicken coop.

In hot weather regions, this typically means placing the chicken housing in a shaded location. Facing the coop south with protection from northerly winds is often ideal in cold weather areas.

Finally, it’s a good idea to locate the structure downwind from any prevailing winds that pass by the house to minimize any odors.

Post time: Feb-04-2021