Letter to the editor: Say no to the backyard chicken coop | Opinion

We don’t want to have chicken coops and chickens in the Northwest. We have experienced this situation before and it is not pleasant. After months of code execution complaints, the chicken house was finally demolished.
When we walked into the backyard to enjoy the beautiful environment, we didn’t want to see the ugly chicken coop, smell the poo, deal with more flies and listen to the cock. We know that Bakersfield City Council members may live in a very good area. We hope they can walk into their backyard and imagine what it would be like if they had a few neighbors with chicken coops and chickens. It will not be a beautiful sight or smell.
They also awkwardly invite family and friends to social gatherings in their backyard. We have made huge financial investments in properties and love our houses and communities. Please consider all the above before voting for the chicken in this city. Just think about it, every day I want to see how much the chicken coop is.

Post time: Sep-30-2020