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wooden dog kennel by easypets

Do you know how to choose a suitable type of kennel for your dog? Let me tell you,it depend on  where you are located, what kind of dog you have, and how the weather is in your area.


Now let me introduce our super big dog kennel for you,The dog house provides security and protection for your dog. It also provides a warm and safe place to relax.This is our super big dog kennel,you can see that the size is very very big,so it’s very suitable for raising big dog.now let me measure the size for you ,The length is 111 cm ,the width is 85 cm ,the height is 80 cm.so it provide very large space for you dog to sleep and rest.


The slant roof design allows rainwater to slide down the eaves without accumulating water.Roof has been fixed by screw,if you want an opening hinge roof ,it’s ok,we will add two supporter on both side ,then you can open the roof to clean the sleeping house.Having a wide, hinged roof on your dog house makes it easier to clean the inside. Just lift the lid 盖子and use a broom  /bruːm/ 扫帚to sweep out dirt and hair or reach  in to gather sticks, balls  and toys that puppy has collected.


You can add a plastic door curtain ,to make the house more warmer.if you want a balcony for you dog ,it’s ok,we can make it for you,the balcony will be added in front of the door  .your dog can live cozy .


The whole color is natural color,if you want mixed color ,we welcome!you can mix color of the dog kennel,the frame is one color,and the panel is another color.just depend on you.The bottom floor can be removable ,so the kennel can be easy cleaning .

You see the feet is off the earth,so can protect from corrosion and humidity.


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